10 DIY projects for wooden decorations and accessories

Do you sometimes switch your needles and crochet hooks for a mitre saw and a handsome batch of wood glue? Well, I do. Especially that nowadays it’s so easy to buy wooden objects in various shapes, so all you need is an idea to use them.

10 DIY projects for wooden decorations and accessories

I’m not a professional by any means, but the projects I’ve assembled on this list are easy enough to make. That’s why  – if you’re looking for inspiration – you’re in the right place! You’ll find here projects small and manageable and slightly more significant as well, but I’m sure they’ll all give you enormous satisfaction.

Wooden frames, dragonfly-shaped decoration, stars, tree-shaped shelves – you’ll find all this and more, just read on!

1. Wooden moths and dragonflies

I don’t know about the moths, but dragonflies are my favourite bugs. Every time I see them flying out and about in my garden, I feel strangely happy. That’s why the second I’ve found this project I knew I had to make some of these to invite the dragonflies inside my house. So, I’d concentrated on the dragonflies, but those little wooden moths are adorable as well so you should make both.

Wooden moths and dragonflies

Source: handmadecharlotte.com

2. A tableau… or a nicely decorated frame

Those little wooden beauties above had inspired me to look for other ideas for wooden decorations. And here’s what I’ve found. I must admit I don’t exactly follow the big idea behind this project, but I simply like the way the frames are decorated. It is surprisingly easy to execute, and the effect is endearing, especially when you let your kids do it. You can even make this a whole-day project, first you gather dry flowers or acorn capes and then decorate your frames.

nicely decorated frame

Source: adaywithv.com

3. 3D frame

A wooden frame. Sounds simple and well… boring? Just look at the pictures – there’s nothing usual or boring in this 3D wooden frame. It’s a brilliant idea, not so easy to execute maybe  – you have to use a saw, not just fiddle with the glue pistol – but you will get a frame that will certainly make an impression on all your guests. 

3D frame

Source: frkhansen.dk

4. Easiest DIY project ever – stars out of popsicle sticks

Let’s go for something simple – that’s the easiest to make wooden decoration ever… at least it would seem that way. All you need is wood glue and popsicle sticks, but if you want to have a perfect five-pointed star you’d better use the free template the authors provide. That way, you will be sure you glue the sticks together at the right angle. It’s a very good project to do with kids; even the youngest ones may practice their hand-eye coordination while using the template.  

Easiest DIY project ever – stars out of popsicle sticks

Source: yourdiyfamily.com

5. Wooden advent tree or a tree-shaped shelf

If you need inspiration for the advent calendar, here’s something unique. A wooden advent tree which you can slowly fill with items of your choosing. Small toys, decorations – what have you. Each item marks a passing day of advent and means Christmas is getting nearer and nearer! And here’s the thing. This project is described as a wooden advent tree, but I think that it’s also a very useful and original tree-shaped wooden shelf that may fit your child’s room and your bedroom as well. 

Wooden advent tree or a tree-shaped shelf

Source: akailochiclife.com

6. Herb markers

Fan of herb and spices? Here’s one for you then! Whether you have your herb plantation outside in your garden or on a balcony or even on your kitchen shelves – it does not matter. This cute wooden herb markers will decorate every herb pot or row. The tutorial is really useful, but I would practice the lettering a bit first as well – you can even download free practice sheet

Herb markers

Source: craftifymylove.com Follow video tutorial

7. Decorate your surroundings

I love the concept behind this idea. Along with making unique decorative objects, you can also spruce up the obvious things you use every day and turn them into decorations as well. In this project, the items to decorate are wooden clothespins which you can dye (there’s a recipe for a beautiful indigo colour) or adorn with a marker made patterns. You can also use a wood burning tool if you have one.

Source: creativeinchicago.com

8. Driftwood necklace

Summertime is the perfect moment for making jewellery out of everything you can think of – driftwood included. I put this idea on the list because that’s what I’ve never even thought of – using small pieces of wood to make a necklace. Genious!

Driftwood necklace

Source& tutorial: efzincreations.com

9. Colourful wooden bangles

No, you won’t find here a tutorial on how to make a wooden bangle – those you have to provide by yourself. But you’ll get here inspirations how to colour the bangles and step by step tutorials how best to do this. I love wooden accessories, and these wooden bangles are exceptional!

Colourful wooden bangles

Source & diy tutorial: thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

10. Sunburst shelf

It’s a fantastic idea for a shelf full of sunshine! I do not own the Glowforge tool they mention in the article, but I’ve shown the printouts to my neighbour who happens to be a carpenter and he cut me those shapes in no time for a bargain. So – if you’re not up to cut them yourself, you can look for someone who’ll do it for you. The rest of the project is easy enough to make.

Diy Sunburst shelf

Source & full photo tutorial: akailochiclife.com

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