10 Lovely Things To Do From Leftover Yarn Bits

If – as it is in my case – knitting is mostly your craft of choice I think I know what you keep hidden at the back of your closet. Bags and… some more bags of yarn leftovers. Because I bet that if you are even a bit like me, you always think that this last part of gorgeous skein will come in handy someday.

10 Lovely and Easy Things To Do From Leftover Yarn Bits

And of course when I started knitting it was not so difficult to use up everything of the yarn I had bought but after a while, it became a challenge. After all, you don’t need so many hats, mittens and scarfs in all the colours of the rainbow, do you?

That is why I began my search for ideas, and I am finally able to share it with you. You will find here some adorable knitting patterns you can use your leftovers for along with one or two a bit different ideas. One other thing – most of the patterns are quite easy and definitely suitable for beginners. Enjoy!

1. Gift Wrappings

Gift Wrappings

That one is a bit different from the rest and one of my favourites at the same time. I love giving presents (who doesn’t really?), and I always try to wrap them differently to make them even more special. And this idea for a gift wrapping is handy and easy to do.

Source / More ideas: abramscraft.com 

2. Pom-poms

Yarn Ball Pom Pom Bookmark

You will find here instructions on how to make yarn pom-pom bookmark, but you don’t have to stick with that if you don’t want to. You can make pom-poms in every colour you want and then produce various decorations out of them, like pom-pom curtains or flowers.

Source / Full tutorial: designmom.com

3. Little Knitted Toys – Hedgehog

Little Knitted Toys - Hedgehog

And here is where the knitting patterns start. Let’s begin with a few ideas for small knitted toys that would be perfect for children of course, but I guess that they can make perfect gifts for the adults as well. They really look lovely when you put it around as a decoration!

Source / Get this pattern from: etsy.com

4. Little Knitted Toys – Bunny

Little Knitted Toys - Bunny

These little cuties might be not so realistic as the hedgehog above, but they will make great toys for children. Put inside everything you can think of: from beans and peas to rice and other grain – that way the bunnies would be perfect sensor stimulation for the youngest ones. For toddlers make a bunch of bunnies each in different colour – very easy way to teach them colours’ names. And of course, you can use them as a catnip toy for your cats if you’d like.

Source / Get free pattern from: ravelry.com

5. Little Crocheted Toys – Octopuses

Little Crocheted Toys - Octopuses

Very easy crochet pattern that will able you to make a bunch of small octopi. They look really cute and once again: they will make a perfect decoration for your home or work space. But beware! Children love them, so if you have your own or maybe your friend is coming for a visit with his or her little ones it’s best to be prepared. Just make a few and give them as lovely gifts!

Source: blog.mohumohu.com

6. Knit a Sweater… For Your Clock

Knit a Sweater For Your Clock

OK, I relent for just one “use all colours in one project” idea as a clock in a wool sweater looks really good. Of course, it’s not a project you can make every now and then but rather a once or twice a year but still. I think it’s worth looking at. After all, if you’re really into that, you can make a few sweaters and change them according to your mood or season.

Source: retrobabydesign.blogspot.com

7. Knit Little Adorable Things And Use Them As Ornaments

Knit Little Adorable Things And Use Them As Ornaments

Ah! Here’s an idea so full of possibilities that it depends only on you when to stop. The thing you will see is a little sweater which you can put on a small hanger and decorate your home, they will look exquisitely on a Christmas tree! But it’s only a beginning – knit little scarfs and hats or even little shoes. The sky is the limit here.

Source: ravelry.com

8. Small Treasure Pouch

Small Treasure Pouch

Here’s a pattern that I find really adorable though you may struggle a bit with its purpose. Other than just decoration that is. This little treasure pouch is ideal for children who love to gather stuff and then have no idea what to do with it. Whether it is hair clips or guitar picks we are talking about – the pouch may be the best place to store it safely. As for the adults: think about small jewellery, earbuds, spare change that you find on the floor but don’t want to look for the wallet to put it there.

Source / Get free pattern from: resilientknitter.com

9. Knitted Cuffs

Candy Dreams Crocheted Cuff

I don’t know exactly why but somehow this simple idea – joining together circles in different colours to make a knitted cuff – really works out for me. Maybe it is the asymmetry or the way you can make this bracelet fit your wrist. Anyway, I think this cuff will really not only add a splash of colour to your outfit but also make it unique. And you can also make yourself a matching necklace using this pattern.

Source / Video tutorial: reesedixon.com / youtube.com

10. Beekeeper Quilt

Beekeeper Quilt

I saved this project for last place with a purpose. The other ones are small and cute, you can do them in no time and enjoy the desired effect at once. This one is different. To make a quilt, you will have to spend a significant amount of time preparing its parts, but it’s definitely worth it! And those little honeycomb shaped parts are really easy and quick to make. And afterwards, when you assemble your quilt, you will always be able to remove the parts which are dirty or damaged and replace them with the newly made ones.

Source / Get this pattern from: ravelry.com / vimeo.com

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