8 Craft Techniques For Beginners

I was thinking about writing this article for some time now. Or to be more precise, I think about writing it whenever someone tells me that he can’t do a thing when it comes to craft and is amazed when I tell him that I learned (and still am) everything online. Handcraft is a really useful skill – not only you can make beautiful things with your own hands, but you can also relax during a process. It is really important to find a peaceful hour or two just for you from time to time.

8 Craft Techniques For Beginners

So, if you’ve never tried crocheting or making art out of paper – you’re in the right place. Of course, it takes time to become really skilled, and you won’t become level pro overnight, but it’s as good a moment to start as any. I’ve prepared this short article to let everyone know ‘what is out there’ for you. Here are some craft techniques that you’ve probably never heard of, like paper quilling, and others that you may know and always wanted to try by yourself. Now you will see where to start!

1. Crocheting


A bit similar to knitting, this technique is perfect for beginners. You use mostly one crochet hook, which is a lot easier to manoeuvre than knitting needle. And you still get to make scarfs, shawls, gloves, toys… almost everything you can think of. In the first article I’ve linked for you there are tips for which type of yarn and hook choose for starters, and some basic stitches tutorials. The second article will give you a very easy pattern for a coffee paper cup sleeve so you can start the minute after you purchase your own tools and materials.

Source / How to crochet for beginner: mybluprint.com

10 Minute Beginner Crochet Coffee Cozy Sleeve

10 Minute Beginner Crochet Coffee Cozy Sleeve

Source / Get free crochet pattern from: domesticbliss2.com

2. Paper Quilling

Paper Quilling

This is a technique that I really love, maybe not so much for the way you are making things but for the superbly splendid effects. Just look here at the jewellery you can make out of small pieces of paper! Unfortunately, I already know that I won’t be a paper quilling master – my hands are not so steady as I would like, but I still manage to make some beautiful mosaics. You will need some professional tools to start, though. In the article linked below, you’ll find everything you need to know about it along with tips that will help you make all those shapes on the picture.

Source: mybluprint.com

3. Hand Lettering

Hand Lettering

What are the times we are living in, that handwriting becomes an art? Of course, it’s not (not yet?) just any handwriting, but hand lettering – you are supposed to write the letters in various styles and combine them into one picture. The good thing is you will basically need a pencil, a piece of paper and eraser to begin with. Of course, in time you will choose the type of pencil that works best for you (and eraser as well!). The article I give you is an introduction to lettering styles and a step-by-step tutorial of the process of lettering. Personally, I find hand lettering very relaxing – it’s something I do just for me to recharge batteries and for an hour or so switch off the outer world.

Source / Learn how to from: lettering-daily.com

4. Paper Mache

Paper Mache

This is a bit more messy technique – you make bowls, decorations, toys, what have you out of the sticky paper stripes. It’s a good one for projects you’d want to involve your kids into as it’s a lot of fun making the glue and you don’t need too much precision to make really incredible projects. AND you don’t have to make too much planning before – basically, you need a newspaper, water and flower and maybe a balloon. Good idea for rainy days or when you’re stuck at home because of the flu.

Source / How to tutorial: medium.com

5. Decoupage


Have you ever bought paper napkins with a beautiful pattern or picture and stuffed them into the closet never to be opened ‘because they are too pretty to use for one meal’? Well, I have, more than once for that matter. But these times are over for me because now I learned how to save the patterns or pictures from (among other things) paper napkins with the decoupage technique and transfer them into more durable objects like wooden trays.

Source: blog.theworks.co.uk

6. Paper Cutting and Collage

Paper Cutting and Collage

This technique will allow you to create amazing pictures out of paper scraps. Making as complicated paper collage as shown on the picture may take you some time and will definitely demand concentration and effort, but the final effect is breathtaking! It may seem a bit too much at the beginning (especially transferring the source picture into your canvas with a grid) but once you get a hold of things you’ll love it.

Source / Learn how to from: instructables.com

7. Stamping – Handmade greeting cards

Stamping handmade greeting cards

And here you have something as easy as possible. With almost no skill at all, you can create various projects, like for example greeting cards. In the linked article you will find a short guide as to what you will need and where to buy it. Remember that you can combine different techniques and design a card using stitches, paper collage along with stamps. And with the time you can start thinking about making the stamps by yourself – then there will be no limit to your creativity!

Source: thesprucecrafts.com

8. Working With Cardboard

Working With Cardboard

This discovery was really eye-opening for me. Instead of throwing out cardboard I can make… tons of useful things out of it. You’ll find here instructions about where you can find useful pieces of cardboard, how to fold, roll, cut it and then assemble pieces of cardboard with or without glue. Some techniques are really clever, like making slot joints. What’s also amazing, in the linked article you will find ideas for designing various structures, so all you have to do is go and look for some cardboard and get to work!

Source: ikatbag.com

That’s it – now go and give it a try! I hope you will find here something for yourself and enjoy making beautiful things with your own hands.

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