Easy To Make, Beautiful Dried Flower Crafts Ideas

Both of my parents are invested in herbal medicine, so since I remember I was surrounded with fragrant flowers – growing in our garden and drying in our kitchen. I did not put much thought to it then, but when I started taking care of my own household, I’ve found out that making beautiful things out of dried and pressed flowers brings me joy and comfort.

Easy To Make, Beautiful Dried Flower Crafts Ideas

I did most of the projects I put on my list here, but all of them are special for me. They help me preserve something that would be otherwise lost too soon. And I no longer have to feel this pang of sorrow looking at wilted flowers.

So, feel free to explore the world of beautiful flowers turned into phone cases, pendants, dishes and wall clocks! There are also ideas to help you preserve not only plants’ beautiful shapes and colours bur fragrances as well.

1. Pressed And Dried Flower Phone Case

Pressed And Dried Flower Phone Case

Is there, nowadays, some other item you always carry with you and keep nearby at home than your phone? Well, not in my case. That is why this particular project was such a hit for me. Handmade, so personalised, with my own dried and pressed flowers composition. It’s not complicated at all, and the final effect is simply stunning. I always put two layers of resin, though, to make sure all the flowers are safely coated in it.

Source / Go to full photo tutorial: blog.etsy.com

2. Pressed Flowers Jewellery

Pressed Flowers Jewellery

In my opinion, pressed flowers jewellery is very tasteful and makes even plain outfit unique. And of all the possibilities you may find on the Internet, I think the one linked above is the simplest and therefore most appealing. I love how the natural beauty of flowers is fully on display here. That way you really notice the flowers, nothing distracts you from them. For this project, I often use Viola tricolor flowers as they are beautiful and highly popular in my area.

Source / Go to full tutorial: sustainmycrafthabit.com

3. Pressed Flower Glass Coaster

Pressed Flower Glass Coaster

All in all, I like best the projects that allow me to make beautiful but also useful items I can decorate my home with. So, here they are! Few examples of what you can use your dried flowers. This idea is all about the glass coasters which would be great for a summer party in your garden, or bring the garden to your flat if there is such a need. It’s yet another simple but effective project, and here you don’t need any special skills, but first, you have to buy specific items like square glass and tape.

Source / Full tutorial:  hearthandvine.com

4. Pressed Flower Dish

Pressed Flower Dish by Hearth And Vine

It’s a bit different project where you don’t actually preserve the flower itself but only its shape. So, the upside of this idea is, you don’t have to dry the flowers too long or press them. In other words, you can use the flowers you’ve picked up during your walk during the day and in the evening enjoy newly made dishes with flower pattern.

Source: hearthandvine.com

5. Wall Clock

Wall Clock

And now something to decorate the walls with. In this project, you will need some neatly pressed flowers because you’re going to make a wall clock. The main worry here is, nothing should disturb the clock’s ticking hands as we want it to work properly. And of course, you will need a clock you can quickly deconstruct and then put back together.

Source: blog.freepeople.com

6. Pressed Flowers In A Glass

Pressed Flowers In A Glass

Another simple idea where all you need to have is… dried flowers, glass and some friction tape. The truth is, it’s this kind of a project where you need to rely on your own taste and skill of arranging flowers. I think you will find some inspiration in the linked article below, but I guess the real fun is making up your compositions.

Source: gardentherapy.ca

7. Room Spray

Diy Room Spray

Finally, we’ve come to the way of preserving the most delicate aspect of flowers – their fragrant. It’s also a moment when you can truly experiment and try different combinations of fragrances to get the scent you will love. I love mixing in lavender with different flowers so you can try and begin with that. I love how fragrant my home has become since I’ve discovered this recipe – and don’t worry, the effect is delicate – it’s like walking among rows of flowers in an evening after a particularly hot day.

Source: www.designlovefest.com 

8. Floral Bath Salts

Floral Bath Salts

And after all this hard work of making beautiful decorations and jewellery and all that, you can relax in a hot bath. And when you put floral salts into it, your evening will get even better. These bath salts would also make a perfect and original gift, just as the article linked below suggests – I honestly can’t imagine who wouldn’t be happy to get it. They are really easy to make once you have all the ingredients, so you can safely make taking a bath in floral salts your habit.

Source: almostmakesperfect.com

That’s it – eight ways to preserve the beauty of flowers. I think every project from the list leaves much to your creativity and imagination, and that’s what I love about them. I hope that you’ll enjoy making your own wall clock design or room spray fragrant as much as I did!

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