Easy And Free Crochet Toy Patterns Your Child Will Love!

I have to warn you – you are going to see the cutest designs imaginable! Those little crochet toy patterns will definitely make you want just to take out your hook and start crocheting, so you are reading this on your responsibility only.

Easy And Free Crochet Toy Patterns Your Child Will Love

Jokes aside, these patterns really are adorable, and the toys you make will be excellent gifts for the kids. And not only for them – you may use them as a decoration for the adults’ gifts, and you can be sure that it will be a success.

You will find here patterns for little dogs and cats, but also llamas and turtles. We did not forget about ball or doll as well! All the patterns linked below are free, so you can start working on them right away!

1. Crochet Lying Cat

Crochet Lying Cat

This is not a particularly difficult pattern. It would not be so easy for the complete beginners but if you already have any experience in crocheting you can definitely start with this little cutie. The finished cat should be 12 cm long, so making it won’t take you much time. Just remember to prepare fiberfill for stuffing and buttons for kitten’s eyes.

Source: amigurumi.today

2. Circus Elephant

Crochet Circus Elephant

No matter what you think about real wild animals performing in a circus, this one you are going to love! The pattern for making this circus elephant is a bit more complicated, but the final effect makes an effort totally worth it. Just make sure the elephants’ trunk rises, and this little toy will surely bring you luck.

Source: bhg.com

3. Moose

Marty the Moose

Whether you associate moose with Christmas or not, this little guy (named Marty the Moose) will make perfect winter holiday decoration. I think that the design is perfect – it somehow combines the realistic features of the moose with unavoidable cuteness.

Source: lefthandedcrocheter.com

4. Little Puppy

Little Crochet Puppy

This cute pit bull pup may be yours in no time! Out of many little dogs crochet patterns available on the Internet, this one stole my heart immediately and forever. I did quite a few of these puppies and at the beginning found difficult switching between yarn colours but with time and practice that changed and now I can do it almost effortlessly. You will find there many useful tips about when to stuff the part or how to join each element. Stick to them, and you’ll be fine.

Source / Get free crochet puppy pattern from: reliquaryarts.blogspot.com

5. Rattle Ball

Crochet Rattle Ball

Now here’s the project maybe not so adorable as others but 100% useful. You can make this rattle ball for your infants or cats – they are all going to love it, no doubts about it! Small children can practice their grip thanks to the seams on the outside. Inside you can put anything that rattles or little bells to get kid’s attention.

Source / Get free crochet pattern from: nexttonicx.com

6. Crochet Amigurumi Owl

Small Crochet Owl

This little beauty is very easy to make when it comes to the stitches used. It may get a bit tricky around the details, but I’m sure that even when you are a beginner, you’ll manage to do this project. The owl is really tiny, so you don’t need much yarn. It’s an excellent pattern to use up all your leftovers!

Source: engsidrun.spire.ee

7. Peppa Pig

Amigurumi Peppa Pig

Here’s something for little Peppa’s fans. The pattern is not so easy for the beginners, but if you’d had some practice before it should not be a problem. Your finished Peppa will have about 18 cm, so it’s not so small, which makes it easy to crochet the details. This toy looks exactly like the famous cartoon character, so your little ones will not be disappointed.

Source / Get Peppa Pig free crochet tutorial: amigurumi.today

8. Turtles In All The Colours Of The Rainbow

Turtles In All The Colours Of The Rainbow

Here’s a pattern you can have a little fun with. Change the colours, change turtles’ facial expressions – just let your imagination roam free. This gang of turtles will be an excellent gift idea – colorful and funny; everyone will love them. In fact, I make them whenever I get to visit my friends with a bunch of kids. Each gets his own turtle, unique in colour but more or less the same as others, so no one is jealous of other’s gift.

Source / Full tutorial and free pattern: allaboutami.com

9. Crochet Llama-No-Drama

Crochet Llama-No-Drama

Look at this one! I could hug this adorable llama all day long, and it still would not be enough. It may look a bit complicated – what with this fur and all. But in fact, if you have any experience at all, you should not have too much problem with making this sweet little toy.

Source / Get free crochet pattern from: redheart.com

10. Crocheted Cat

Crochet Amigurumi Cat

This little guy looks so different from all those others happy toys that I just had to put him on this list. The pattern is not so difficult to make, and you can experiment with it some (and even make the cat not so gloomy, but that’s half its charm, isn’t it?) to make all members of the cat family.

Source / Written instructions: www5a.biglobe.ne.jp

11. The Friendly Lolly – Crochet Doll

The Friendly Lolly Crochet Doll

How could there be a toy patterns list without a doll on it? This one is named Friendly Lolly and is full of genuinely positive vibes. Of course, you can change the colours freely as you wish, but for me, Lolly always looks just like on this picture. You will find all the needed details in the link below and a separate article with instructions about how to make doll’s hair.

Source: thefriendlyredfox.com

I think that I managed to find the most adorable toy patterns there are. Hopefully, you will enjoy making them as much as I did!

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