Free Crocheted Jewelry Patterns

When you feel the need to wear something new and different, the first thing that comes to mind is to change the accessories. And the easiest way to do that is to crochet yourself some new ones. You don’t have to look for the patterns too long. 

10 Free Crocheted Jewelry Patterns

I’ve assembled the list of the fascinating free ideas for crocheted jewelry. You will find here a choker, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I skipped the crocheted rings, though. Somehow I didn’t find an idea that I would genuinely like.

1. Beaded crochet earrings

Here you have a detailed tutorial for a choker which you can also use for making a headband, bracelet and a ring. From all of these possibilities, I still find the choker best, maybe because I did not find many other patterns like this one. I like the way you can customize this project and make it your own. And it’s not too complicated to make either, so it’s suitable for beginners.

Beaded crochet earrings

Source & DIY tutorial:

2. Simple crocheted bracelet

Now it’s time for the bracelets. The first one is very easy to make. What’s making it unique is you can make it out of your old T-shirt cut into stripes – ingenious, right? But if you don’t want to do that,  a super bulky yarn will do the trick as well. In the linked article, there was to be a video tutorial as well, but I don’t see the link. But you can find it here, on YouTube

Simple crocheted bracelet


3. Chunky bracelet

If you liked the project I’ve linked above, you might look on this one as well. It’s also a bracelet made of T-shirt, but here you will also find an instruction on how to make T-shirt yarn. It may help you with this project and the previous one as well. The pattern here is a bit more complicated, but not by far.

Chunky bracelet


4. Crochet wrap bracelet

Crochet wrap bracelet

Last bracelet on the list, this time all crocheted with “normal” yarn. It’s also adjustable, or to be more precise, you customize the bracelet to your wrist in the process of making it. It is very simple and discreet, and you can wrap it around your wrist as many times as you want it. And the thing I like is, this bracelet would also look right around your ankle!


5. Crochet bead necklace

Let’s look at the necklaces. The first one in a row is a necklace where you can mix crocheted and wooden beads. It’s very inspiring – the way you crochet around the wooden beads – and the effect is amazing. Just imagine what you can do – put together painted and bare wooden beads, and those crocheted with different kinds of yarn.

Crochet bead necklace


6. Knotted necklace

Knotted necklace

Another idea where you can use your knowledge of crocheting a bit differently. For this knotted necklace you will need a chunky chord, chain and clasps and so on. The project is effortless to make and very impressive. Seriously, it looks like being bought in some fancy jewelry store!


7. Chevron shaped necklace

Chevron shaped necklace

The second necklace has an ethnic feel to it. Again, you can customize the project as you see fit, simply by making more chevrons than just two. The pattern is easy to make, and the necklace would be an excellent addition to your summer dress. It would also make a perfect gift as its design is – as far as I can say – unique.


8. Pineapple motif earrings

Pineapple motif earrings

Of every type of accessories, I love earrings most. And this pattern is also one of my favourites. The earrings are not too big and flashy so you can wear them often and with different outfits. I would choose a different colour, though. I’m not a fan of white, especially in accessories so that I would make those earrings in turquoise or green probably. 


9.  Teardrop earrings

Teardrop earrings

I love these earrings! Not only you get to use up your yarn scraps, but the design is simple and fun. And of course – very easy to make. As usually, you will find detailed instructions in the article so you won’t have any problems with making yourself a pair!


10. Beaded crochet earrings

Beaded crochet earrings

Look at these! Usually I’m all for modifying patterns to make the project more personal, but here, honestly, I would not change a thing. The combination of red yarn and black beads, the design –  everything seems to fit perfectly. In the article, you will find written instructions as well as a tutorial video. So I think you will be all set to make your own beaded crochet earrings. Have fun!


Did you find anything interesting on the list? I honestly think you did, so now off you go and start making these beautiful necklaces and bracelets!

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