Free Patterns for Knitted or Crocheted “Everyday Bags” That Will Make Even Ordinary Day Special

“Everyday” doesn’t have to be boring. You can add a bit of style even to such ordinary things as grocery shopping or walk in the park. All you need is cotton and… this article.

Free Patterns for Knitted or Crocheted Bags
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I like bags – I cannot have too much of them. I guess so I’m always looking for new patterns. I think that a bag is a great accessory that can turn everyday clothes into an interesting outfit.

I hope that this list is going to help you with that – 9 patterns for 9 knitted or crocheted bags.

1. Crochet French market bag

French market crochet bag

This is a carefully designed pattern – the author wanted to create a bag inspired by those seen on the streets of Paris. That is why it combines all the practical aspects you would need in a bag (very durable, opens widely, etc.) with subtle elegance. It is perfect for daily shopping or an occasional visit to the beach. The pattern is not too difficult but is not so simple either, so it’s best to go for it when you already have some experience in crocheting.

Source & photo tutorial:

2. Granny bag

Granny Square Bag Crochet Pattern

Here’s a project a bit easier to make. Lovely, slightly vintage shoulder bag nicknamed “Granny bag” though it looks fashionable enough for me. I love the colors of this bag – it makes it fit almost anything I wear and makes me choose this one more often than others.


3. Native Print Drawstring Bag

Native Print Drawstring Bag

It’s a really lovely design – a bag which will work just fine with or without a handle and an African inspired pattern. This makes me think of summer, and I can almost feel the sunbeams on my skin! A perfect summer bag if only you don’t have to take too many things with you.

Source & photo tutorial:

4. Summer Breeze Bag

Summer Breeze Bag

Another proposition for a crochet summer bag and here you can easily fit everything you’ll need on a beach, or you can take this bag to the market. I like the design – it gives you many possibilities when it comes to choosing colors. I made myself one using a more delicate palette, and the final effect is great!

Source: download free pattern from

5. Crocheted Candy Corn Bag

Candy Corn Crochet Bag

A lovely bag you can knit yourself in a blink of an eye! I am not a fan of bags with such short handles but this one turned out useful when it came to Christmas presents. I simply put lots of small toys inside and gave each child his own personal present bag.


6. Crochet Shoulder Bag

Crochet Shoulder Bag

Look at this one. For me, it’s stunning, I would never imagine that I will be able to make such a bag! But I am and you will too as soon as you’ll open the link below. What I love in this bag most is the way the rope handles are attached to the bag. It not only makes the bag more durable but also allows me to put inside heavier objects. So this bag not only looks good but is really practical and useful. Remember to scroll down right to the very bottom of the article – you will find there photos of other people’s bags made according to this pattern, and maybe you’ll find something that will inspire you.

Source & photo tutorial with written pattern:

7. Everyday Crossbody Bag

Everyday Crossbody Bag

Another project easy enough for beginners. It may lack the sophistication of the others but is very useful as a bag for an ordinary day when you just have no time to think too long about your outfit. In such an hour, I simply grab this Crossbody Bag and go out to do stuff.

Source & free written instructions: 

8. Lopi Tote Knitting Bag

Lopi Tote Knitting Bag

A true beauty. This bag is knitted with a bulky yarn which gives it a unique look. It’s very deep, so I use it for books or other rather large objects as I don’t like to look too long for anything. I especially like the handles – if you look for them on the Internet, I’m sure you will find something very similar to ones used here.

Source & free written pattern:

9. Straw-Like Easy Backpack Free Knitting Pattern

Straw-Like Easy Backpack Free Knitting Pattern

It’s not a bag per se, but sometimes you simply have to take a backpack to have your both hands free. Every time I hop on my bike, I wish I had such a cute small backpack to take the essentials with me. That’s why I started looking for patterns, and here it is! A knitted backpack, perfect for summer bike rides. Although it may not look it, it’s easy to make, so I’m definitely knitting one for me and at least one other as a gift.

Source & free pattern:

That’s it! All the free patterns for interesting knitted or crocheted bags (and one backpack!) that I’ve managed to find recently. I hope that – if you ever want to knit or crochet yourself a bag – you will choose one of those

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