Free Spring And Summer Crochet Patterns

I don’t know exactly what it is about spring that makes me look for new projects’ ideas and things to make. Theoretically, I should spend long winter evenings knitting and crocheting, but it usually turns out that in spring I’m much eager to do just that.

Free Spring And Summer Crochet Patterns

So, here’s what I have in store for this season – bright colours, obligatory flowers, some jewellery and decorations. There are also two or three patterns for clothing – check out crocheted shoes, for example!

I made sure that you can download all the patterns for free. They should not be too difficult, so if you are a beginner or have been crocheting for a short while, only I’m sure you will find something interesting to make.

1. Flower Necklace

Flower Necklace Hawaiian Dream

I really love this pattern. The flowers are not too big or pretentious, and you can decide by yourself whether you want to make them all in one colour or mixed. I’m sure that this necklace will give your outfit real spring and summer look!

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2. Crochet Espadrilles

Crochet Espadrilles

And here’s something that I’m sure you’d like to try to make. Crochet espadrilles – delicate and very feminine and at the same time, really comfortable and ideal for warm weather. Those espadrilles are not too durable though so it’s best to take them to the long day at the beach rather than some long walks. It’s a good project for beginners as there’s not too much of actual crocheting.

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3. Mandala Blanket Bag

Mandala Blanket Bag

And when you are going to this beach, don’t forget to make this unique blanket bag before! It is easy to make (basically all you need is double crochet stitches) but remember to buy some extra thick yarn for the rope. I’m sure you’ll see how handy it may be. You won’t have to fuss with a blanket ever again – just put everything you need to the bag and when the time comes, turn the bag into the blanket! Genius!

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4. Bike Seat Cover

Crochet Bike Seat Cover by Emma Wilkinson

When spring comes, it’s almost mandatory for me to spruce up things around me. Especially those that are precious for me and my bike is the perfect example of such. And well – of course, I do ride my bike in autumn and winter – but there’s no comparison to riding it during spring or summertime. So, take a look at this bike seat cover, it is made with elastic so should fit every size. It’s simple but very effective.

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5. Spring Shawl

Spring Shawl by Kylee Keller

A super easy pattern, so if you are still not too sure of your crochet abilities, it’s the one to go for it. The shawl itself is light thanks to the semi-open pattern, and that’s what makes it perfect for cool spring evenings or summer nights.

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6. Crochet Flower Hair Clips

Spring Flower Hair Clips by Carmen Heffernan

Cute present for your little one and her friends – bobby pins adorned with little crocheted flowers. Easy to make and really cute, will make a perfect spring detail. You will find here details concerning the pattern and instructions on how to attach the flower to the bobby pin.


7. Lacy Fingerless Gloves

Lacy Fingerless Gloves

This project should not take you more than two hours from start to finish. Lacy gloves are a perfect fit for the spring as you can see the pattern as flowers attached one to another. If you are a beginner, it’s a good way to start as you will be able to make the gloves in no time.

Source / Free pattern:

8. Lemonade Top

Crochet Lemonade Top by Toni Lipsey

A slightly more difficult project as you have to use shell stitches and making a top takes more time than shawl or gloves. But the design makes it worth the efforts. It is a perfect outfit for a beach and will work as well during warmer days in the city. Just imagine yourself wearing it for a summer night party!


9. Delicate Kimono

Crochet Delicate Kimono by Maz Kwok

This design is described as lacy and flowy, and the choice of colours was inspired by the seaside palette. This outerwear seems perfect for spring in the city and if you already have some experience in crocheting, making this kimono should be a piece of cake.


10. Sweet Gingham Baby Blanket

Sweet Gingham Baby Blanket Pattern by Toni Lipsey

Something for the smallest ones. I love the design here but what makes it even more special is the choice of colours. I am not a pink loving person myself, but somehow you can’t escape it and here’s a solution. The shades of pink complement each other perfectly, and the design makes the whole project tasteful and sophisticated. This blanket would make a nice gift for a baby shower!


I hope you like my selection of patterns for spring and summer, and I’m sure that if you decide to make one of the designs, you’ll do nothing but enjoy it!

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