Make your garden even more special with 9 easy DIY garden furniture ideas

I love sitting in my garden and just enjoying my surroundings. But every so often, I start to imagine what I would add to make it even more beautiful. And of course, I mostly concentrate on various plants, but I do like to have a new piece of garden furniture every now and then.

Make your garden even more special with 9 easy DIY garden furniture ideas p

So, here’s my to-do list, a few of the projects I’ve managed to finish already, and the rest is still being pushed for “some other time”. But I really want to make all of them, and I’m sure you will too when you see what I’ve got! 

You will find here ideas for tables, benches, swings, plant stands and more! 

1. Easy benches

My garden is in the English style, so it gives off very natural and wild vibes. There is no place for a big table yet, but I love making benches and putting them in every corner of the garden. That way there’s plenty of charming hidden places where you can sit and enjoy your peace and quiet. And these benches are perfect for that! But if you want to make a matching table as well, you will find a tutorial on the linked site.

Easy benches


2. Ladder plant stand

You would think that’s more an indoors project, and maybe it is. But I put my ladder plant stands outside, near the walls of my house. They make an original, and eye-catching decoration and smaller plants are entirely on display here. Of course, I put this stand outside for spring, summer and the warm part of the autumn but I don’t mind. It looks good, and that’s what matters. 

Ladder plant stand


3. Tree bench

Here’s a bit more elaborate project, and I have to admit I’m still thinking whether I’m really able to make such a bench. And I have to wait for my trees to grow wider a bit to make the effect as spectacular as the one on the photos. But the good news is, you will find a very detailed tutorial in the linked article, both video and text, so you should be able to know what to do.

Tree bench


4. Boho-inspired swing

What’s a garden without a swing? Take a look at this boho-inspired one! Very easy to make, especially when you can use this well-prepared tutorial (again both video and text, that’s what I really find helpful). These swings are not only for children, but I also use those at least as much as the kids do!

 Boho-inspired swing


5. Cinder block outdoor bench

Another easy way to make a sturdy but elegant garden bench. If you have any cinder blocks left from your renovation – that’s all the better. You use the blocks as a support but also make a decorative planter of them – the author chose succulents, but you can put there whatever you want. You can also paint the blocks or male the more modern version of this bench. You will find the details here:

Cinder block outdoor bench


6. Hammock chair

Turn your garden into a perfect place to spend a lazy day. And there’s nothing else as comfortable as a hammock chair. And the one described in the linked article is so easy to make! The only difficulty would be preparing all the thing needed for the hammock. Fortunately, you will find some helpful links in the article.

Hammock chair


7. Children picnic table

My kids do not sit still in the garden, so for a long time, I did not see the reason to make a table for them. But when my friends start visiting us with their kids, it has suddenly become our priority. We needed to make a special place for children where they could sit together and eat their ice cream or whatever. And this project is excellent. Easy to make, comfortable and pleasant to look at. In the linked article, you will find a photo illustrated tutorial and a link to another post with the exact plans and cut-list. You can also find ones for a bigger table.

Children picnic table


8. Pallet outdoor table

I like making things out of pallets and here’s the easiest thing to do out of them. An outdoor table! You basically just add the four legs, do some sanding and staining, and that’s it. And there’s so much you can do with it. I would use such a table as a plant stand or potting table.

 Pallet outdoor table


9. Pallet swing bed

There’s only one thing better than a hammock – a swing bed. Another project where you don’t need too many supplies and the making of it is also more pleasant than painful. But there’s a catch – you need a tree to tie the rope with the bed securely. And sometimes it’s not as easy as it seems to be, especially when you want your bed to be as levelled as possible. 

Pallet swing bed


That’s it for now – nine ideas that will help you make your garden more beautiful and exciting. Now you can create a space for resting, with hammocks and swinging bed, a place for kids with their picnic table and a secret garden just for yourself with beautiful bench to sit on or potting table to work.

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