Refreshing Ideas For Indoor Plant Arrangement

Do you have any plants in your home? Some of you will say ‘Duh, of course’ and it may be hard for them to imagine that I still have… none.

Easy Refreshing Ideas For Indoor Plant Arrangement

It was always too easy for me to forget about taking care of plants, so whenever I tried to arrange some splashes of green in my interior the project was – to put it mildly – a fiasco. But I don’t want to give up yet. That is why I started to look at faux plants and some smart way to arrange them.

Here’s the list of my findings and you will find there ideas for arranging real and faux plants and at least one of the projects can be useful if you want to dry flowers or plants.

1. Chunky knit planter

Chunky knit planter

Astonishing idea where you knit without needles or even yarn. All you need is some polymer clay and an old tin big enough to serve as a planter. If you don’t want to use a tin can, you can think of something else as long as it’s safe to put in the oven – curing clay requires high temperature. Very easy to make and quite eye-catching. I would use it to plant succulents.

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2. Planter box

DIY modern planter box

With a few pieces of plywood, wood glue, some paint and a table saw you would be able to build this modern planter box. It looks simple and minimalistic, and that’s what I lie about it. That way it’s all about the flowers inside it. I plan to use faux flowers – the same way as the author of this article did, but I guess the planter will be suitable for the real plants as well. Just remember to drill some drain holes in the bottom.

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3. Coffee table or plant stand?

Modular Patio Coffee Table

Can you imagine building a plant stand in about… three minutes? This idea is simply fantastic. The only difficulty you may have is with assembling materials needed, that is big chunks of wood and 12” nails. But you will find very helpful links in the article though, so don’t worry. And that’s it. It’s supposed to be a coffee table, but in my opinion, it would make a perfect plant stand as well. Just put a fern into a metal planter, and you have it!

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4. Scalloped pallet wood planter

Scalloped pallet wood planter

If you don’t have a place you can quickly get a pallet from, find one. There’s so much you can use those for! For example, look at the linked project – a bit roughly made but charming nonetheless — great planter for your garden or balcony. In the linked article, you will find handy tips and a tutorial video.

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5. Pom Pom planter

DIY Pom Pom planter

You will need to do some shopping before you start assembling your pom pom planter. First of all, buy a planter you want to decorate and decide which colors of pom poms would be most suitable. In the article they’ve chosen the colors of the rainbow, I’d prefer something lighter, like mint or grey. After you do one for yourself, show it to your kids – I’m sure you’re going to need more pom poms and help them make their planters!


6. Flower hanger

DIY Flower hanger

So simple, yet so appealing as well! A flower hanger will come in handy whenever you’d want to dry plants for a project or only as a decoration. You may also hang fresh herbs in your kitchen and use them when needed.

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7. Moss ball planter

How to make a moss ball planter or Kokedama

One of the most beautiful, natural way to arrange plants and very practical too! If you put plants into a moss ball planter, you don’t have to water them too often. It is also easier to make than it looks and in the article, you’ll find not only the video tutorial how to make moss planters in bowls but also links to two other similar projects. There you’ll learn how to make hanging moss ball planters – and it’s an even more amazing idea than this one!

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8. Triangle shelves

Triangle shelves

These triangle shelves look very good on the wall, but as their parts are attached just with wood glue, you should not put too heavy objects on them. That is why they are perfect for the aux and dried plants arrangements!

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9. Decoupage flower vase

Decoupage flower vase

Easy way to turn a bottle into a vase using acrylic paint and decoupage paper. The thing is, you don’t need any special skills to make it. You will have to do some shopping though – the most important thing is the paint and decoupage paper. But once you have it, the difficult part is over! I like this project as it enables me to upcycle glass bottles and jars.

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10. Terrazzo planter

Terrazzo planter

I don’t know if it’s still so trendy or not, but I like the terrazzo style, and I’m glad of its recent comeback. And this idea for a terrazzo planter is one of my favorites. It’s not at all problematic  – the secret is an oven-baked clay. In the original design, the clay is rolled over a tin can, but you can use anything that can be heated up in the oven.

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